Thursday, August 16, 2012

Coming up with Voyage Trekkers

Well, the secret is out that I'm working on a Voyage Trekkers novella, to be released as an e-book this fall.  For those who don't know, Voyage Trekkers is a sci-fi comedy web series I've been a part of since its inception, and it's first season successfully premiered last summer.  Thusfar, it has picked up a lot of positive reaction and production of the second season is well underway, and looks to knock season 1 out of the stars!

In the meantime, there are other VT related features and events that have and will-yet come out before season 2 premiers.  Among them has been a series of multi-day interactive Choose Your Own Adventures on Facebook, starring the Voyage Trekkers crew, where followers can vote from a list of multiple options, what will happen next in the tale each day.  The following day, the story continues based on which of the multiple choice options won the most votes. 

I've been writing each of the Choose Your Own Adventures stories, including the fourth installment coming up next month, as well as several other 'bonus' content for the web series, including the 'Incident on Zaltara' series of mini-sodes, the extended 4-part radio play, and various other projects and appearances in and around the Phoenix area. 

Right now, I'm shamefully neglecting my editing of The Empty Sea in order to write a short novella about the Voyage Trekkers characters as they scramble to survive a harrowing novella-length adventure!  In the story, the crew of the GSV Remarkable is tasked with evacuating a small colony following the untimely death of their queen.  A rival colony is using an obscure provision in their treaty to conquer them, because the queen's only heir happens to be a young prince, who is ineligible to rule the matriarchal society.  But perhaps the courage and cleverness of Capt. Sunstrike, Dr. Rena, and Cdr. Powell can find a way to save the Prince and his lost colony, and learn to love again!

I'm going to be writing this novella for the next few weeks, but once it's done, it'll be back to the editing mines, as I ready The Other Side of the Gate's Second Edition and The Empty Sea for publishing, probably around the same time that the Voyage Trekkers book comes out.  Back to work!

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