Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring is about to be sprunged ...

... I don't know, I don't adhere to Daylight Savings Time, so I don't know the expression.  Close enough, right?

The point being, that big things are coming up in the next few months for me and fans of my various stuff!  My extensive editing work for the 2nd edition of The Other Side of the Gate, and The Empty Sea, is reaching its long-awaited conclusion, and both books of the epic fantasy/adventure series, henceforth to be known as Into the Realms, will be released as e-books to the general public very soon.

In the meantime, feedback from last year's two e-book releases, Famous Adventurers Correspondence School, and the novella Gambit of Chance, based on the Squishy Studios web series Voyage Trekkers, have been very positive so far.  If you haven't read them yet, I hope you'll download them to your tablet or computer and check them out.  The Voyage Trekkers novella is available for free in most places (Amazon Kindle has them for a nominal $0.99), and FACS is a very affordable $4.99.  If you HAVE read them, let me know what your think!

Coming up in May is the big roll-out of the long-awaited 2nd Season of Voyage Trekkers as well, and the early reviews are very enthusiastic!  The web series premire will be on Wednesday, May 1st, and honestly, it blows all of Season One away!  Capt. Sunstrike, Cdr. Powell and Dr. Rena return of course, and we'll get to see their ship, the GSV Remarkable for the very first time.  We'll also be introduced to the scrappy little ship's patchwork crew, including their out-dated ship's robod, INFO (played by yours truly). 

There will be lots more Voyage Trekkers-related stuff transpiring in the coming weeks and months ahead, so stay tuned!  We're also going back to the Phoenix ComiCon this year in late May, and I'm optimistic that TOSotG and TES will be out on e-books by that time as well.

Ha ha!  Done with shameless product promotion blog posting update!  This weekend, I'm going to do a REAL post about fantasy novel writing (and reading) that's been on my mind for awhile, so stay tuned ...