Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Life of a Famous Adventurer

I'm still recovering from National Novel Writing Month back in November, which proved to be very challenging. Still, I'm very proud to say that I successfully reached the 50,000 word mark set for the 30-day period (I did it in 28 days). Like many of my fellow marathon writers I'm sure, I sprinted to the end and felt like taking the next week off from being creative (or at least from doing any writing). This week, I'll work on some finishing touches and the novel will be finished.

This one is titled: Famous Adventurers Correspondence School. It's a humorous adventure story about a geeky 17 year old guy who wants to be somebody, and who one day finds himself getting caught up in a strange, secret organization that begins to mail him assignments in order to train him in the ways of magic, superscience, and the art of being an adventurer. It's a rollicking ride, and is considerably shorter than my last work.

I don't have any immediate plans to publish this one, as the ordeal of getting The Other Side of the Gate ready for publication earlier this year left me wary to jump back into that hornet's nest so soon. As much as I love writing, the publishing side of the business has kicked my behind so far. Still, nothing says "learning experience" like a swollen butt.

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